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Disaster Recovery


We understand that when HRBoss is mission-critical to your business, you depend on us to deliver reliable services and mitigate the risks of service outages.
We have strict daily backups procedures and have put in place recovery plans to ensure quick restoration with minimal loss of data. When it comes to disaster recovery and your data our mission is to keep the HRBoss Cloud & services running at all times with the least disruption - and that’s our promise to you.


Backup Agent Schedule

Slave backup:
Store backup data on each Server instance

Daily from Monday to Friday

Master backup:
Centralize backup data for all instances after all slave backups completed (backup of backup)

Daily from Monday to Friday

Cross backup:
Cross-instance backup to maintain important service availability (file server)

Daily from Monday to Friday

Permanent backup:
Store important backup data to local server

Every Weekend







We strive to provide excellent uptimes for all our customers, no matter big or small.
Here is a report card of the monthly average of all hosted customer instance uptimes in the past 6 months.


Month Uptime

Feb 2015


March 2015


April 2015


May 2015


June 2015


July 2015